Living Culture

Museums | Expos | Theme Environments | Events | Heritage Rehabilitation | Design and Communication | Architecture and Construction | Research and Content Production | Interactive and Immersive Experiences | Cultural Consultancy | Project Management | Patronage | Fundraising

We develop personalised design proposals that are adapted to the specific thematic and exhibition objectives.

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Living Expos

World and International Expos BIE – Bureau International des Expositions | Pavilions | Expos and Theme Environments | Architecture and Construction | Audio-Visual Engineering | Lighting | Museography | Events

Our specialists gather all the necessary information to elaborate the project proposal. Our proposals offer strategies for museographical actions and solutions focused on the sustainability of the pavilion, or exhibition, specifically in terms of maintenance, operation,
and programming.

World and International Expos

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Living Sport

Sports Museums | Expos | Theme Areas | Interactive and Immersive Experiences | Events | Football and Stadiums | Audio-Visuals and Multimedia

We always seek the most outstanding solution to your project, engaging, inspiring and challenging the visitors. Our professionals are specialists in conceiving, planning, designing and implementing award-winning projects.

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Living Heritage

Institutional Heritage | Heritage Rehabilitation | Archive Management | Museums | Expos | Interpretation Centres | Institutional Publications and Releases | Celebrative Events | Research and Content Production | Virtual Museums | Multimedia

Preserve the cultural heritage of the institutions and companies to safeguard and promote its values and history.

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Living Art & Design

Design and Communication | Architecture and Construction | Project Development

Arts Design Architecture Creative Industries

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Living Concepts

Fairs | Expos | Stands | Retail | Web | Conceptualization | Visualization

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