Expo Dubai 2020

Expo Dubai 2020 – Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

The next World Expo will be held in Dubai in 2020, under the organisation of the United Arab Emirates. With the core theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Expo Dubai 2020 has the grand ambition to act as a major catalyst for sustainable development, connecting minds from around the world and inspiring participants to take part in a great mobilisation movement around the global challenges of mankind: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.

Within the sub-theme “Mobility”, the exhibition aims to stimulate the development of more efficient integrated transport and logistics systems, connecting people, markets and services around the world.

Within the theme of “Sustainability”, Expo 2020 aims to be just as big a milestone in the green economy, going down in history as the most sustainable global exhibition and the greatest legacy of the organiser (BIE). The search for new forms of exploitation and sustainable use of energy and water resources is one of the great challenges of the new generations that this exhibition wants to embrace.

“Opportunity” is the third theme of the world exhibition, reflected in initiatives that encourage creative thinking and innovation to find new models of development of the intellectual and financial capital to respond to the growing challenges of economic globalisation.

The role of smart cities emerges as a centre of opportunities to find new avenues of social and economic development by encouraging collaborative work and the application of talent for innovation in science and technology.

In 2020, Expo Dubai hopes to attract about 25 million visitors. This will be the first major world exhibition where most visitors will come from other countries. Taking place between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021, the Expo will mark the beginning of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, thus intending to mark a turning point in Dubai and to usher in a more progressive and sustainable vision for the future in the coming decades.