Gremio Football

From the famous tricolor to the brand new Gremio Football Arena

Gremio Football Porto Alegrense is a Brazilian football club from the city of Porto Alegre, with over 100 years of history.

In December 2015, the reopening of the renovated Gremio – Herminio Bittencourt Museum located in the new Porto-Alegrense Stadium was celebrated. This new cultural space is intended to be a benchmark in terms of exhibitions throughout Latin America.

The museum aims to preserve and present the history of the tricolour club, its values, ideas (“warrior spirit of the immortal”), the strength and passion that it represents in Brazilian society, presenting a sporting, educational, social and cultural dimension that preserves the memory and identity of the Grêmio world.

At this stage, 785 m2 of exhibition space spread over two floors was opened.

One of the main attractions is the Immersive Experience, a multisensory spectacle of 360 degrees, where the visitor feels like an integral part of the history of Grêmio and relives the excitement of the club’s great achievements.

Throughout the exhibition route, it is possible to admire the vast Gallery of Trophies that the club has won throughout its history, as well as the Historical Strips, from the first strip of 1903, to the famous tricolour strip, consisting of sky blue, white and black. In the Torcida (supporters) area it feels like you’re in the middle of the Grêmio crowd, listening to their stories of love for the club, the sounds of the supporters cheering and the history of the emergence of the Grêmio supporters’ clubs. Finishing the experience, the visitor revisits the history of the club’s old stadiums and glimpses the future of the club in its new sports and multi-purpose complex, the Arena do Grêmio.

With the reopening of the Museum, the club wants to increase the tourist and commercial potential of the space, and its inclusion in the tour of the Arena, which currently attracts more than 5,000 visitors per month, will give it more publicity to become one of the main attractions in Porto Alegre.

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