Corporate Memory

How to Preserve Corporate Memory – More value for the Future

Upon preserving its memory, a company produces and shares knowledge about itself, creates more value regarding its vision and values and strengthens the relationship with communities.

Corporate memory allows a company to highlight the most important tangible and intangible moments of its trajectory over time. It creates knowledge and reputation for companies and brands.

The main objective of corporate memory is the transformation of narratives, the collection and analysis of documents and objects, of employees and founders of the institution, in knowledge and communication tools, with the aim of valuing the company’s identity.

The corporate memory strategy proposed by MUSE has a value that goes beyond communication and marketing; it aims to safeguard and preserve the corporate heritage as well as contribute to the organisation and historical interpretation of the institution, analysing its role in the development of the country and society as a whole.

It is a multidisciplinary knowledge management project, with an approach based on new processes of construction, reconstruction and affirmation of identity.